While 60% of India's population is directly dependent on agriculture, its contribution to the country's GDP is only 20%, indicating overdependence, unemployment and underemployment in the sector. With more than half the country's populations' direct dependence on this sector, we believe that there is a need to bring paradigm shift towards agriculture and its numerous tangible and intangible benefits.

Today in India, 1 farmer commits suicide every 41 minutes. If this situation has to change, we need to make focused investments to rebuild future for India’s farmers.

We run several different projects in various parts of the country to help farmers, widows and their families to increase their crop yield, start or expand small Businesses and sustain life in tough situations. Our major areas of focus are: Water Conservation, Rainwater harvesting, and helping widows of farmers who already committed suicide.

We also have farmer helpline to counsel the farmers/relatives to give them new hope to live and earn their livelihoods. Below is a list of all our projects that we have completed or are in progress.

What We Did Last Year

  • 5000 people received healthcare services through 7 operational projects in 5 remote villages and slums
  • Over 70% of the total beneficiaries covered in the reporting period were women and children
  • More than 1000 school going children benefitted from School Health Programme
  • 2 multi-speciality camps were conducted in remote rural areas, meeting the immediate healthcare needs of 3000 people