An Ideal CSR Partner

SRD Foundation – An Ideal CSR Partner
What we can do for corporates?

We, at SRD Foundation have a vast network of experienced, highly qualified and committed professionals, who have successful track record of dealing in various social initiatives from time to time. Over last one year we have been conducted many charitable activities across the Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Mumbai in collaboration with Individual and corporate houses. At this juncture we offer our following specialized services to corporate sector:

Conceptualization and development of CSR Plans

SRD Foundation can conceptualise and develop CSR Plan for your company as per your requirements. However, we have already developed some projects, which can be sponsored or implemented by your company

Implementation of CSR Initiatives

Sensible Implementation is the key to success of any CSR initiative. With its nationwide network of over 1500 dedicated volunteers, SRD Foundation can effectively implement your CSR Initiatives in any part of the Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Mumbai

Supervision of CSR initiatives

SRD Foundation can supervise/monitor your CSR initiatives in any part of the country and provide appropriate report to the company.

Social Audit of CSR initiatives

To maximize the impact of your CSR initiatives, SRD Foundation can conduct Social Audit for your CSR plans and submit timely report along with practical recommendations.

Baseline Survey/ Research for CSR Plans

SRD Research can undertake baseline and preliminary surveys on behalf of Corporates to devise its CSR plans.

Employee Engagement in Social activities

SRD Foundation can engage employees of Corporate houses in its current or proposed social activities.

Event management for Corporates

With its experienced and qualified event management professionals, SRD Foundation can organize seminars, workshops and other events for corporates.

PR exercises for CSR division

SRD Foundation can also manage PR and media relation exercises on behalf of corporate houses.

Why SRD Foundation?

Since SRD Foundation is a not-for-profit organization, project costs will be competitive and surplus income will be utilized to support SRD Foundation initiatives for the welfare of poor people. Wide range of qualified, experienced and dedicated professions from almost all sectors is available with SRD Foundation. They are eager to offer their services/expertise free of cost to any collaborating corporates.

An opportunity to associate with a Government of India recognized NGO.
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